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Spending few hours to create some interesting concept or project is such a fun.

Ebook market and reader


While on the road or waiting in line, people reach for their phones to use their time in some way. Some of them choose to check social media, read articles, e-books, etc. There is nothing better than a good reading especially when we travel e.g. by train and internet connection is poor.

Nowadays, smartphones have quite large displays and reading e-books is no longer as much of a problem as it was back then. However, this does not change the fact that very often the text is small and without proper contrast which might be killer for our eyes. That’s why in addition to the big screen size, it is also important that user should be able to adjust reading to his needs.

NFT Marketplace


While non fungible tokens are getting more and more popular I thought I will use that time to design some piece of NFT marketplace.

There are all needed informations like name, current owner, creator, blockchain details, collection description, some traits that distinguish this specific NFT among others and inform users about rarity which adds value.
There is also information about current bid and remaining time to sale ends.

UI presented with two versions — light as a default and dark for real night riders.

Video based forms


Pitchbooth is a web-based video survey platform. It allows a user to ask a series of questions using text or video and people to respond to the questions in video.

Pitchbooth can be used for interviews to make better and faster hiring decisions using pre-recorded video to interview applicants. You can also use Pitchbooth to increase students engagement in classes and test.

Skateboards customiser


Boardy is cool mobile skateboard customiser. This is just a quick shot from my UI Daily. 

Find the best shooting locations


Often people wonder where particular photo was taken. With findspot you can find the best spots with precise coordinates and tips like the fastest route, best time to go and more…

You can find spots by country and city that you are already in or you plan to visit. Who knows, maybe even cool spots attracts you to a new place.

Pick up a coffee on the way


Food ordering apps are becoming increasingly popular. Customers are being given solutions to use, which increasingly add to the convenience. With Coffeel user will be able to place and receive an order in a faster way.

Coffee is usually purchased in the morning, this also means that queues at the point will be larger and customer service takes more time. Thanks to the app, customer can for example place an order while leaving home or on the way to a drive-thru point and pick it up when it’s ready — that’s because user will be informed about the status of the order in real time.