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Marek Żernik


I’m designer based in Katowice 😎

Design experience

I entered the IT world in 2019 as a part-time graphic designer/ developer/ everything what was needed to do that time.
It was still a time of my school education. Back then, I mainly dealt with everything, starting from logo, DTP stuff, I took first steps in wireframes, mockups, creating simple landing pages — then coding that with basic HTML, CSS and jQuery (I must admit, sometimes it was difficult to satisfy my own whims when it comes to design and I spent tones of hours to make it perfect). That was the time when I stuck in perfectionist trap — which I was not aware of.

Working in all those fields, I have gained some good skills. I mastered CSS — until today I am still able to give developers some hints. Sometimes I just open Codepen and code some stuff — that’s probably one of my guilty pleasures.

But back to the topic…

I realized that you cannot do everything while striving for the highest level. Being still on my college, I did kind of competence test and realised that probably I’m not going to be the best front-ender developer or branding designer because I was not that interested in those fields as in digital products and web design, research and all the stuff around this.

As a matter of fact, on my IT and Econometrics studies I was managed to convince the promoter to write the diploma thesis on design and he even gave me a great idea to write about accessibility for people with disabilities.

After graduating in 2019, I fully focused on design exploration, improving my work with new tools and start building my design process which still evolve to this day. I started listening interesting people from many different fields and pay more attention to what people say.

Design activity
Design activity

Since July 2021, I have been running Silesia Design Meetup — meetups devoted mainly to designers from Silesia.

It is a place where people can get inspired, meet interesting people and learn new stuff.

Off work
Off work
Listening music 🎵
Photography 📸
Gym 💪🏻
Hiking 🏔
Ice swimming 🧊
Traveling 🚌
Woodworking 🪵
Playing guitar 🎸
F1 freak 🏎

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